ParaPRO STEP UP Program

PROGRAM DATES: August 2021 thru July 2022

PROGRAM PARTICIPANTS: ParaPRO and Allegis Employees

PROGRAM AWARDS: Merchandise Awards based on Sales Targets

The ParaPRO STEP UP Program is being introduced in conjunction with the launch of Natroba™ (Spinosad) topical suspension 0.9% for the treatment of Scabies, the newest FDA approved indication for Natroba.

The ParaPRO STEP UP program enables employees to drive their way into an award tier by earning “ParaPOINTS” based on TRx volume and “step up” to more valuable tiers throughout the year. The program recognizes accelerated ParaPOINTS earnings for TRx in the important commercial market category.

Award Levels

There are 6 award Tiers: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Double Platinum, and Diamond. Each Tier contains 5 award items to select from. At the conclusion of the program, eligible participants will be able to select an item from the award Tier corresponding to ParaPOINTS they have earned.


How ParaPOINTS are assigned

Participants will earn one (1) ParaPOINT for each Medicaid or Managed Medicaid Rx, and four (4) ParaPOINTS for each cash, commercial, or medicare Rx. RX’s are determined solely from IQVIA data. Employees earn ParaPOINTS based on RX’s in IQVIA geography(s) associated with their specific role:

  • Field Sale Professionals: Personal territory Rx performance
  • Inside Sales Representatives: Combined inside sales territory Rx performance
  • Sales Managers: The total performance of your District(s)
  • All Non-Sales Employees: Corporate total Rx for the Nation

Each ParaPRO sales territory has been provided a ParaPOINTS sales Target for the 12-month period to reach a Gold Level tier award.

Qualification Period

ParaPOINTS will be earned based on TRx volume as reported in IQVIA for the 12-month launch period of August 2021 thru July 2022. In the event IQVIA reposts any historical data during this period (such as modifications for returns and reversals) data posted at the close of July (estimated postdate of Friday, August 12th) will be considered final for purposes of the program.

ParaPOINTS have no cash value and may only be used to indicate award tier levels for eligible employees.


Redemption Period

ParaPOINTS may be exchanged by eligible employees during the 2.5 week redemption period from August 15th thru August 31st, 2022.



All ParaPRO employees who are in good standing and actively employed by ParaPRO during the redemption period will be eligible for their ParaPOINTS to be assigned to an award tier.